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Social housing customers value the fact that our service has been developed and tailored to suit their specific requirements.


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Our Process

Customer Service

We’ve been providing excellent kitchens for more than four decades, serving the social housing market with a keen focus on the customer experience. We take the time to understand exactly what every customer needs, and then we create the systems that will deliver.

These systems include an e-business solution which enables customers to securely access resources such as vital business documents 24 hours a day, and next day delivery to provide what you need, exactly when you need it. Read more about our service areas below.


Every kitchen we build starts with a great design, and that’s why we employ more than 30 of the best kitchen designers across the UK. Our designers work with cutting edge technology such as Planit Fusion and Fusion 2020 to create 2D, 3D and Birdseye views of the proposed kitchen, incorporating a residents own white goods in a manner which captures the planned solution in a clearly understood way.
Throughout the design process we work in a way which prioritises the requirements of the resident and contractor. Appointments are booked 15 days in advance and, if a resident is unavailable, we make every effort to re-arrange the visit.

When the visit does take place our designer will always show their Rixonway ID card to the resident, and will then spend between 45-60 minutes surveying the property and producing a kitchen design having consulted with the resident. This design will include existing appliances only for some clients, although any replacements or additions the resident might be planning can be included.

Provided the resident is happy with the design it will be signed off and uploaded to Rixonway’s Xnet service, together with individual order forms, while the resident will also be given a copy to keep for future reference. Working in this way our designers aim to complete between 6 and 8 designs per day, although the emphasis will always be placed on making sure the resident is completely happy with the design and understands exactly what is being planned.

Kitchen Selection Form

The kitchen selection form plays a central role in the design process. Also known as Tenant Choice Forms, they will be based on the design brief drawn up and agreed by all parties at an initial pre-contract meeting.
Tenant choice forms showcase the door, worktop and handle options available, allowing the resident to make one choice from each section, and actual samples will be available for inspection during the survey. The choices made by the tenant will then form the basis of each kitchen order.


The long term relationships which we enjoy with many of our clients are testament to the trust which they feel able to place in us. This trust is underpinned by the fact that we insist on the same excellence in manufacture and supply as we do in design and development. We take great pride in the fact that the entire manufacturing process meets the stringent ISO 9001 accreditation standard, alongside a range of other industry standards of excellence.

We never take manufacturing quality for granted. Inspections take place at various points along the production line, and our materials and parts are sourced from approved and trusted suppliers. We have a dedicated Quality Assurance Department, and a qualified member will carry out in-depth inspections using calibrated equipment. Changes in procedures or test equipment can only take place with the authorisation of an Operations System Manager, ensuring that standards are maintained.

Call off Manager / Extranet

Everything we do is driven by a desire to make things as simple and convenient as possible for our clients. Transparency and communication play a vital role in this and that’s why we’ve developed an e-business solution called ‘Xnet’. This is a secure service which allows customers to access and review documents such as quotes, order acknowledgments, proof of delivery, survey drawings and invoices, all of which can be accessed quickly and simply 24 hours a day.

In addition to this we have developed the ‘Call Off Manager’ system, dedicated to order management. By enabling contractors to call off orders 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, Call Off Manager cuts the time and cost normally associated with administration. Additional features include the ability to access delivery schedules, orders which have been placed on hold and called off orders.

If you’d like to learn more about the ways in which Xnet and Call Off manager could save you time, money and stress, please ask your Contract Manager to outline the benefits of these innovative services.


We care too much about our kitchens to put them into the hands of anyone else to deliver. We use our own dedicated Rixonway delivery vehicles, and this allows us to guarantee the safe handling of our kitchens while meeting the most stringent delivery schedules. Our use of the DPS vehicle scheduling system means that we can track our vehicles throughout the delivery process.

We make life easier for our customers by delivering the component parts for each kitchen collectively, while unique bar codes and our I.C scan system make it simple to deliver on time and in full.

Combining all of these features and including alternative route delivery has enabled us to cut standard delivery time to between 6 and 11 days, and the lead time given will always take into account both the manufacturing and the delivery of the kitchen.

Plot Lot Delivery

The delivery of our kitchens has been refined and streamlined over the years to offer maximum convenience for both contractors and residents. All rigid units and accessories for a plot are delivered to the contractor in a single consignment to enable quick and simple installation. In addition, smaller items such as edging strips, handles and brackets are scanned and bagged prior to release, making it easy to trace any parts of an individual kitchen which might go astray.


Your satisfaction is our priority so we ensure that you are fully satisfied. The contract manager will carry out an inspection of the site, and any problems can be identified and rectified if necessary.


All our products are manufactured to a high quality standard and carry our standard manufacturer’s 10 years guarantee against faulty workmanship or materials.

Our Policies

We take great pride in upholding the highest standards in everything we do. This means monitoring not only product standards but also service standards, our environmental impact and the working lives of our employees. We’ve developed rigorous company policies in all of these areas.

These policies are regularly reviewed and updated to ensure they deliver best practice, and are freely distributed to new and existing employees. Any clients can be provided with copies of the policies on request, or can access them by clicking here.

The art of kitchen provision for social housing lies in creating a product which manages to meet the practical criteria set out by the contractor at the same time as exceeding the expectations of every resident. The kitchens we design hit that sweet spot exactly, and the quality of our manufacturing is matched by the comprehensive nature of our customer support and service. See how the process works below.

Rixonway Kitchens

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