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We lead the way across the UK in the design, manufacture, supply and installation of kitchens for the private development sector. If you’re looking for a one-stop shop that combines convenience with quality and customer service, then you’ve found it.


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Customer Service

When you purchase from our Halvanto collection you’ll enjoy a bespoke experience every step of the way. A dedicated contract manager and contract team will be on hand whenever you need them, and we’ll sit down together to draw up a delivery programme that’s achievable and convenient.

One of our sales administrators will draw up the main contract, and will be available to answer any questions. A priced and itemised acknowledgement of the order for each kitchen will be issued to the developer, including the programmed delivery date. To make sure that things run as smoothly as possible a pre-start meeting will be held before the call-off of the first orders. This meeting will clarify the details around issues such as the scope of the programme, health and safety and site access restrictions.

We take great pride in handling every part of the process with the utmost care. We work with every customer through the design process in incremental steps, ensuring complete understanding of what’s going to happen, how much it will cost and when each part of the project will be delivered. We’re by your side every step of the way – from design and manufacture to delivery, fitting and signing off. Using considered technology such as our bespoke Project Tracker, we ensure that a detailed record of every project is available for quick and simple access.


The design of a kitchen is a step by step process during which the ideas a customer is looking for are turned into a reality. Once the design has been worked out with the customer, detailed drawings will be produced using tools like CAD, and these drawings will be priced to form a quote. The designer will discuss the drawings and the quote with the customer and the order will be checked to ensure that it reflects this quote. Once the order comes in the designer will use it as the basis of a Site Folder which contains all paperwork relevant to a project, and the supply and fit team will order any kitchen appliances and special products required.


We realise that the excellence of our design will only deliver the solutions you expect if it is matched by the level of manufacturing. To that end, we utilise our own purpose-built facility which produces kitchens which meet the highest UK standards and have been given one of the highest accolades in the furniture industry; the FIRA Gold award.

The fact that we are part of the Nobia group means that our Halvanto customers can rely upon the manufacturing capacity of additional factories within the group, as well as enjoying the peace of mind offered by a secure, integrated and well-supported supply chain.

In addition to this we have developed the ‘Call Off Manager’ system, dedicated to order management. By enabling contractors to call off orders 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, Call Off Manager cuts the time and cost normally associated with administration. Additional features include the ability to access delivery schedules, orders which have been placed on hold and called off orders.


We understand designing, manufacturing and installing a kitchen is a complex task at any time. We’ve invested in streamlined technology to not only simplify this process but to guarantee careful support and guidance for a developer or housing provider at all times.

Project Tracker is our project management tool. It manages the flow of every customer order from first enquiry to final completion, ensuring that the requirements of the customer – as agreed at the outset and detailed in the original plans drawn up – are always placed front and centre. By accessing these tools, we are confident the members of our team will be able to answer any questions a customer has at any time, as well as ensuring that projects of any size move forward exactly as expected.


We care too much about our kitchens to put them into the hands of anyone else to deliver. We use our own dedicated Rixonway delivery vehicles, and this allows us to guarantee the safe handling of our kitchens while meeting the most stringent delivery schedules. Our use of the DPS vehicle scheduling system means that we can track our vehicles throughout the delivery process.

We make like easier for our customers by delivering the component parts for each kitchen collectively, while unique bar codes and our I.C scan system make it simple to deliver on time and in full.

Each delivery is allocated to a specific fitter, who will be informed of the scheduled fit date. Scanning on and off ensures that a record is created when the kitchen is delivered, and we don’t entrust the process of offloading to anyone but our dedicated offload team. Finally, to ensure a complete record of delivery for future reference, a photograph is taken of the offloaded kitchen.

With our customers in mind, all the component parts of the kitchen are delivered collectively for a designated plot thus reducing the level of manual handling on site.

Combining all of these features and including alternative route delivery options has enabled us to cut standard delivery time to 3-4 weeks, and the lead time given will always take into account both the manufacturing and the delivery of the kitchen.


When we call ourselves a one-stop shop we mean it. When you order a Halvanto kitchen you deal directly with us throughout the project, and that’s why the manufacture, delivery and installation takes place seamlessly. We only work with subcontractors who match our own high standards, and constant monitoring means that the levels of quality and service provided never slip.

To keep things running smoothly, we create site set up and site activity processes reflected in physical folders, available on site, which include contact details, escalation procedures, specification information, and insurances as well as the full range of forms needed to action key activities.

Although our expert fitter will be responsible for fitting the kitchen, and will have many years of experience and expertise to call upon, we enhance the chances of a successful result by ensuring that the fitter in question is provided with all the data they need prior to starting work.

To create a seamless and accessible record of the process the kitchen will be signed off on site and photographs will be taken both pre-wrap and wrap.


All our products are manufactured to a high quality standard and carry our standard manufacturer’s 10 years guarantee against faulty workmanship or materials.

When you order a kitchen from our Halvanto collection you enter into a genuine partnership. We’ve got the experience and expertise needed to meet the requirements of customers in the affordable and private development housing sectors, and we’ll become a part of your team to deliver kitchens that exceed customer expectations.

It’s not just about the kitchens we provide, it’s about the way we work. At every stage of the process we offer complete transparency, making sure that communication, coordination and consultation all take place as a seamless two way process. In simple terms, we make sure that you’ll have the information you need exactly when and where you need it. See below how the process works.

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