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Rixonway Kitchens is part of the Nobia group, and during more than 4 decades spent delivering quality kitchens we’ve amassed unrivalled expertise and knowhow. Our Rixonway collection is tailored for the social and affordable housing market, and includes a range of carcasses, modern and traditional door finishes and accessories such as sinks, taps, worktops and handles. These can be combined to deliver kitchen solutions tailored to meet all tastes and styles.

This sits side by side with our Halvanto collection, which targets the private development housing market. The innovative solutions in this collection are powered by our commitment to product development, placing the kitchens we provide at the forefront of the latest trends and concepts. This is bolstered by a wide range of high quality finishes and the kind of bespoke details that lift a kitchen from merely very good to genuinely excellent.

The fact that we’re part of the larger Nobia group means that we can call on the economies of scale and widespread expertise offered by both Nobia and its many sister companies. No matter what questions or requirements a customer comes to us with, we’ll be able to source the help and expertise needed.

Although we pride ourselves on offering the traditional customer service levels of a family run firm we’re equally committed to using the most advanced and effective technology available. This runs through the design process, when our team of experts make use of tools such as Planit Fusion and Fusion 2020 to create detailed 2D and 3D plans, on to e-business platforms like Xnet, Call Off manager and Project Tracker, which ensure that the entire process is seamless and accessible.

It’s not just about the kitchens we create, however, it’s about the people who create them. From first contact through to delivery and beyond, our team provides a supportive, seamless and customer focused service. We take great pride in delivering everything you expect and then more, providing transparent communication and close liaison between clients and contractors from quotation and order fulfilment through to on-going aftercare.

Although we guarantee the highest quality we never take it for granted. We focus relentlessly on our design and engineering processes and routinely test our manufacturing, products and accessories to ensure that quality never dips below what we – and our customers – expect. This continual pursuit of excellence has been rewarded with international accreditations such as ISO 9001 and one of the highest accolades in the furniture industry; the FIRA Gold award.

We know how well designed and manufactured our products are, so we don’t want to hand them over to anyone else to deliver. We have our own dedicated vehicle fleet and this ensures two things – the kitchens our customers order are handled with the care and respect they deserve, and we can control the timing and frequency of our deliveries to dovetail exactly with your requirements.

Here at Rixonway Kitchens we provide products built with the future and many years of use in mind. This is reflected in our commitment to the kind of environmental obligations any responsible modern business ought to meet. We meet these challenges through Chain of Custody (FSC®/PEFC) certification and we have developed a variety of tools, policies and strategies to reduce our environmental impact, all of which have ISO14001 certification.

Our History

We’re over 40 years old but our core values of service, technology, quality and sustainability underpin everything we do.

Meet the team

We know that our kitchens are only ever as good as the people who deliver them. Meet our dedicated, experienced and knowledgeable team.

Our Responsibility


We take our environmental obligations extremely seriously, and this is reflected in the tools, policies and strategies we utilise. Amongst these are performance targets and commitments which are ISO 14001 certified, and run through not only our own work but also our collaborations with customers.


Waste Management

Our commitment to responsible waste management is such that we can now claim that 100% of our waste is recycled. Any wood waste created by the manufacturing process is collected and fed through our state-of-the-art system. This is where it is ground down to a fine, sawdust-like residue, which is then recycled into biomass fuel for power generation. So not only is the wood recycled, but we also drive a reduction in the use of fossil fuels, land reclamation and composting. See what we mean about taking these issues seriously?

We’ve also reduced waste packaging down to an absolute minimum in line with the Producer Responsibility Obligation (packaging waste) Regulation. Our automated wrapping system protects the items we ship during transit with maximum efficiency using fully recyclable materials. If you like, we’ll even remove the stretch wrap we use on delivery and take it away for recycling.

We’re also members of WEEE, which means that we reuse and recycle electrical items where possible and minimise the negative impact of any which have to be disposed of.

We only work with people who share our commitment to protecting the environment, and that means disposing of any waste through an approved list of companies. If we work with someone then you can be certain they are registered and vetted annually, and carry the right waste management, storage and disposal licences at all times.


Our environmental responsibilities encompass a desire to make our carbon footprint as small as possible. That means taking as much care over the energy we use as we do over the waste we produce. Our energy policy is encapsulated by the Ecogate System, which was developed to support woodworking manufacturers like Rixonway. Traditionally, dust extraction systems in plants like ours have operated constantly, but the Ecogate System provides intelligent dust extraction – if a machine is not in use, the relevant extraction unit is switched off. We’re the largest organisation in the UK to install this system, and we did it because it saves energy, cuts heating costs and drastically shrinks our carbon footprint.

Sustainable Products

The timber we use to craft our kitchens is a natural product, and we do everything we can to ensure that it is sourced in a sustainable manner. That means chain of custody schemes which rule out illegal logging, illegal timber and irresponsible forestry operations. The timber we use doesn’t lead to the destruction of forestry because we make certain that it comes from managed, sustainable sources which work in line with International Labour Organization (ILO) standards. Point to any wooden part of our kitchens and you’re pointing at timber that can be traced back, quite literally, to its roots.


Rixonway Kitchens have been awarded ISO 14001. This internationally accepted standard proves that we have implemented an effective environmental management system.


Our People

Here at Rixonway we can point to many things as being responsible for our continued growth and development, but none are as important as the talent, energy and enthusiasm of the people who work here. More than anything else, they are our most valuable asset.

We directly employ more than 400 people across the UK, and every single one of them enjoys the emphasis we place on secure, long term employment coupled with ample opportunities for career enhancement.

Our commitment to employee development is a key part of our drive for future growth. We deliver this development via six monthly reviews which help to identify the relevant training programmes for each individual.

We are an equal opportunity employer. We recognise and embrace the advantages of having a diverse workforce. Our Equality Opportunities policy ensures that no applicant or employee is treated more or less favourably than any other.

It’s a source of great local pride that we’re now a Yorkshire and the Humber apprenticeship ambassador for the National Apprenticeship Service. This entails employing apprentices throughout the business and promoting the key benefits of apprenticeships across the region.

Our Communities

We see ourselves as being strongly rooted in the local community. That means taking practical steps like working closely with local charities and organisations. It also means pledging to reduce worklessness through initiatives such as our innovative partnership with HM Prison Service. Through this scheme we contribute toward the training of prisoners, helping them to gain new vocational skills and giving them a better chance of entering employment after being released.

Ethical Trading

We always operate to the highest ethical standards possible, and take every step needed to ensure that we never enter into business relationship with companies which have breached international rights or national laws.

A practical demonstration of this commitment can be found in our annual supplier audit. A part of this process involves our suppliers declaring any convictions under relevant environmental legislation, and the number of environmental improvements, prohibitions or abatement notices that have been served on them. Each supplier audit also involves checking copies of the suppliers own environmental policies and accreditations to ensure they match our own high standards.

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Rixonway Kitchens is part of the Nobia Group, Europe’s leading kitchen company