Dewsbury based social housing kitchen manufacturer Rixonway Kitchens has implemented a new waste management contract to ensure 100% of its waste is now recycled.

Serious about reducing its environmental impact Rixonway has moved all its waste management requirements to Leeds Paper Recycling, allowing it to confidently claim that no waste from the plant goes to landfill. Woodwaste is recycled into biomass with larger pieces being sent to be reworked back into chipboard.

Further, Rixonway has become the largest organisation in the UK to install the Dust Control Systems ‘Ecogate System’, dramatically reducing its carbon footprint.

The Ecogate System has been developed to support large woodworking manufacturers like Rixonway. Traditional dust extraction systems run constantly across the whole plant even if a machine is not in use. The intelligent Ecogate System monitors when a machine is not in use shutting down that particular extraction unit, saving the electricity needed to run the unit and heat the factory as less hot air is removed.

Operations Director at Rixonway Kitchens, Nick Greenall, said of the new Ecogate System installation: “In our estimation we expect to save around 23% of our electricity usage on site equating to approximately 400,000kg of co2 per year.”

“We expect to see a return on the Ecogate System investment within two years and a substantial annual saving thereafter. All these initiatives led Rixonway to receive 100% in its environmental credentials in a recent tender application, a position we are tremendously proud of.”